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Ye Shanghai
  House 6, North Block, 338 South Huangpi Road, by Taicang Road
Xintiandi (area of renovated "Shikumen" old-style houses, with many restaurants)
  +86 (21) 6311 2323
  Daily, 11.30 am - 2.30pm & 6.00pm - 10.30pm  

Ye Shanghai is in Xintiandi, (an area of renovated "Shikumen" old-style houses, with many restaurants and shops). Ye Shanghai is housed in one of the Shikumen houses, made of grey bricks with stripes of red. We recommend that you sit upstairs (although it is not always open) as the ceilings are high and the atmosphere is better there. In the evenings, there is sometimes an excellent Chinese jazz singer who performs on the middle level. Ye Shanghai has a distinct old-Shanghai impression to it. Yet, while it maintains the traditional, it also has a slight modern feel - but not too much.

The food at Ye Shanghai is delicious. The food is not too oily (like many other Chinese restaurants in town), and it is well-presented. Try the thin bread pockets, which you can fill yourself with a tasty chicken-based mix, one of the restaurant's signature dishes.

Ye Shanghai has some nice touches, too. For example, we like the miniature chairs for diners to put their bags on.



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