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Whisk Choco Cafe
  Chocolate and More  

1250 Huaihai Rd, by Huating Rd

  +86 (21) 5404-7770  
  Daily: 10.30am - 11.30pm  

The main reason to go to Whisk Choco Cafe has got to be the chocolate. Even if you are not a choco-holic, the upside down chocolate cake, the hot brownies, the chocolate biscotti, the chocolate-chip cookies, the chocolate molten cakes and the to-die-for hot chocolate are all very worthwhile. It's probably the best place for chocolate in Shanghai. But the menu also features different kinds of sandwiches and risotto, etc, which are not bad, but not worth crossing the city for. The decor at Whisk is unremarkable, as there are many modern, minimalist spaces now in Shanghai. And the service is mediocre. But you'll probably not even notice any of that when you are on your choco-high. Could chocolate really be a substitute for sex?



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