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Mealbay - Food and Restaurant Delivery Service in Shanghai

food delivery almost anywhere in Shanghai

  +86 (21) 5158-0168
  Depends on the hours of the restaurants  

Nowadays there are more and more restaurant food delivery services in Shanghai. It started off with Sherpa's. But now we have heard complaints about them - they ask too much percentage from the restaurants, the delivery service is not good, they are too arrogant. It happens.

We have been very happy with Mealbay Food and Restaurant Delivery Service in Shanghai. Apparently, they are not so greedy with the restaurants they deliver for. And they have a good selection of over 50 of the best restaurants in Shanghai. Mealbay has arrangements with these restaurants throughout Puxi and now in Pudong, too. Mealbay has the restaurants' menus on their website or you can request a print copy of the menus. You can order food through Mealbay's website or their phone hotline: 5158-0168 (with English service), and the Mealbay fleet of over 30 delivery men will collect the food from the restaurant and deliver right to your door for a fee of 15rmb for central Shanghai. They have a variety of international cuisines: American, Austriam Cakes, European, French, German, Indian, Korean, Portugese, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Vegetarian and even Organic Food. They also have flowers delivery. Mealbay will normally deliver within about 30 minutes.

Perfect for rainy or cold days. And even more perfect for lazy people who are too tired from working to cook at home.



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