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Laris Restaurant Shanghai
  6th Floor, Three on the Bund (on the Bund / "waitan")
17 Guangdong Road by Zhongshan East Road
  +86 (21) 6321 9922  
  Daily, 5.30pm - 10.30pm  

Located on the Bund, in the high-end Three on the Bund complex, the seafood is the best thing at Laris Restaurant. Delightful. But that's where it ends. The rest of the food at Laris is average, and we have heard complaints that "the sauce is bland". For the high prices people pay for the dishes, the tiny portions "look important", but the taste (apart from the fish) does not make it worthwhile. To top things off... once upon a time, the service at Laris restaurant was top-notch, but alas, that is no longer the case. Service has sadly now turned into the level of a standard expensive restaurant in Shanghai.

Laris is also a chocolatier. It is nice to see the live people hand-making Laris chocolates in the back. But we have heard complaints that Laris chocolates do not taste good and they are far too expensive.



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