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Haiku by Hatsune

28B Taojiang Rd, by Hengshan Rd

  +86 (21) 6445-0021  
  Daily: 11.00am - 2.00pm and 5.00pm to 10.30pm

Hatsune was originally a Japanese restaurant in Beijing, which has enjoyed tremendous popularity. So in 2007, they opened a branch in Shanghai - Haiku by Hatsune. It's on a small street Taojiang Lu with several restaurants and bars, which is also close to another such street - Dongping Lu. The building, in typical Japanese style, is minimalist, grey from the outside, with lots of natural-seeming rocks to decorate. The three strokes in the logo probably stand for the 3 verses in a Japanese haiku poem.

The restaurant is on 2 floors, set with a calming garden view. Of course, there is a sushi bar, where you can watch the chefs producing their famous spicy tuna rolls and California-style sushi. The sushi is pretty good, and that's appreciated by most patrons. We have heard complaints about the service, possibly because they are still new and adjusting, as it can be rather slow and haphazard.



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