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Element Fresh
  American, Italian, Fusion and Asian  

Room 112 Shanghai Centre
1376 Nanjing Xi Rd, by Tongren Rd
(several new locations in Shanghai)

  +86 (21) 6279-8682  
  Daily: 7.00 am - 11.00 pm  

Element Fresh was one of the first healthy-style international restaurants in Shanghai. And it continues to enjoy a tremendous following in Shanghai. What is it about Element Fresh that attracts so many people? The decor is certainly "fresh" and bright, with light colours (and al fresco seating), the logo is bright and attractive, with lots of circles, the menu is attractive. The food is a creative mixture, with something for everyone - from salads to hummous to pastas to sandwiches to Chinese rice dishes. The impression that Element Fresh gives is that all the meals are healthy; certainly the name of the venue implies it. And the selection of fresh juices and juice mixtures adds to that, although juice is not as fresh as people once thought. The food is certainly tasty, and the portions are good, too, although we miss the oodon noodles.

Element Fresh has definitely gotten something right... it's always packed at meal-time. Let's hope that the expansion to more venues in Shanghai doesn't detract from its success.



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