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Di Shui Dong
  Hunanese (spicy)  

2nd Floor, 56 Mao Ming South Road, by Change Le Road

  +86 (21) 6253 2689
  Daily, 10.00am - 1.00am  

Di Shui Dong is deliciously spicy. Unpretentious and bustling. Inexpensive. Loud diners, not very classy decor - rustic tables and chairs..... but there is a real buzz about this place. Maybe it’s the excitement of the red peppers? Even the menu at Di Shui Dong is covered in red peppers! The problem for tourists is that most of the staff can hardly speak any English, although they do have an English version of the menu around (so it ends up with a lot of pointing). It's the red peppers hanging, proudly on display, which give an indication of what this place is about - it's one of the hottest in Shanghai. If you like spicy food, with food drenched in red peppers, then this is the restaurant in Shanghai for you!



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