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Bi Feng Tang
  Cantonese Chinese  

1) 1333 Nanjing Xi Rd, by Tongren Rd (near Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
2) 175 Changle Lu, near the Jinjiang Hotel

  +86 (21) 5396-1328  
  Daily: 10.00am - 5.00am  

Late-night Chinese food munchies? Then Bi Feng Tang is a Shanghai institution. With many branches in Shanghai, it seems like everyone ends up at a Bi Feng Tang at least once. The interior decor features boats... yes boats... with tables that you can sit at, fortunately not floating on water. We like the Nanxing Xi Lu location because it's convenient and it has partitioned outdoor seating on the side-walk, under big umbrellas. The dim-sum and other food is just average, but somehow it tastes pretty good after many drinks at a bar/ lounge/ club. Service is relatively quick and prices are not high.



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